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Editorial Process

In a digital world, information only matters if it's timely, relevant, and credible. We promise to do whatever is necessary to get you the information you need when you need it, to make our opinions fair and useful, and to make sure our facts are accurate.
If a popular product is on store shelves, you can count on Hifisenses for immediate commentary and benchmark analysis as soon as possible. We promise to publish credible information we have as soon as we have it. We constantly monitor our competition, user activity, and journalistic awards. We scour and scrutinize blogs, sites, aggregators, RSS feeds, and any other available resources, and editors at all levels of our organization continuously review our coverage.
But you're the final judge. We ask that you inform us whenever you find an error, spot a gap in our coverage, or have any other suggestions for improvement. Readers are part of the Hifisenses family, and the strength of that relationship is the ultimate test of our success.

Awards we give

Hifisenses provides expert editorial advice for choosing what products to buy, where to buy them, and how to get the most from them. Hifisenses's editorial endorsements are an important part of how we help people select the right products.

Hifisenses Editors' Choice

The Hifisenses product reviews team recognizes tech and consumer Hifi equipment of the highest quality, design, and performance with its hifisenses Editors' Choice award. It's the seal of approval people look for when shopping for gadgets.
Products bearing the Hifisenses Editors' Choice graphic have been rigorously tested and carefully evaluated by our expert editors. The award is the hallmark of good product performance and value, and it signifies a product that is the best of breed in its category.

Using Hifisenses Awards

People have many choices when shopping for consumer Hifi products. Hifisenses's editorial endorsement gives people the confidence they need when making a purchasing decision. The award insignias are symbols people rely on that, in turn, set your product apart from the competition.
We encourage the use of Hifisenses content and logos on other sites, in advertising, and on product packaging, but we ask that you follow our guidelines. Usage of Hifisenses award logos is restricted to winners of the award and to the specific products that receive the award. All creative material must be approved by Hifisenses before it is distributed. Please contact us in order to start the process.