The “Everest” music was composed by the famous Dario Marianelli, whom did equally good soundtracks for many other movies like “Atonement”, “Pride & Prejudice” and many more.

The Lovely Bones is a heart stricken movie that is a masterpiece in my opinion. The plot on how the innocent deceased went through in another dimensional phase which spawn irregularly between a dreamy stage and real life is mind-blowing. The storyline was wretchedly beautiful in creation, and the movie production was marvelously made. That is not the least of it, the OST was at equal level of performance and providing astonishing blend of musicality to the movie.

The remarkable song that I had kept till now is Origa’s Moon for Gundam’s Moon series. Her voice was captivating and lingers hauntingly in her reproduction of Gundam’s Moon. Aside from this, her most famous works came from the collaboration with Yoko Kanno.

The “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” original soundtracks were produced by both Jo Yeong Wook and Choi Seung Hyun. The music style consisted an excellent mixture of Baroque, Classical and Electronic. The CD is produced in 2005 and currently in the “hard to find” category thus if you are able to find one, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

The masterpiece is “Time” in my opinion, which incredibly portrayed the whole film in flashes on the key moments within minutes. Its simplistic repetitive of rhythmic tunes in pulsating increment in scale nailed it perfectly as the last track of the album.