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Press and Investors

As the leading, unbiased experts on technology and consumer electronics, Hifisenses editors are frequently called upon to offer their insights on new products, emerging trends, and breaking news. If you are a member of the media and would like to interview a Hifisenses editor, please contact the Hifisenses Public Relations department by sending an e-mail to .


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Get Products Reviewed

How to Submit Products for Review

Hifisenses runs the most comprehensive and thorough consumer Hifi products reviews site on the Web. The best way to get your product reviewed is to pitch it, via e-mail, to the right editor. When pitching your product, be sure to include the following:

Availability status (it can be in development but needs to be a product that will reach consumers soon)
Status of review models
Product photos
Basic specs
If we determine that your product fits our coverage plan, we'll ask you to send it to us.

What to Send

For Hifisenses Reviews to deliver the most relevant information to its users, the products we review should be the exact same products our audience can purchase, including product specifications, manuals, documentation, drivers, software, and accessories. This also applies to pre-release products and/or products under NDA. It is imperative to notify us if any aspect of your product is pre-release or beta.

You also should include:

A press kit
PR contact information
Technical specifications, if relevant
Technical contacts, if relevant
Return shipping information, including shipping labels and RMA information

What We Do with Your Products
Whether we request your product or you send it to us unsolicited, we cannot guarantee it will be reviewed, as not every product fits into our planning and editorial mission. In most cases, we will keep your product for approximately 30 days, though exceptions may be made, if necessary. You can expect your product to go through a rigorous, impartial, review process, overseen by our expert Reviews staff. Most product reviews include photographs of the product; many reviews also include a product video featuring an overview of the product as presented by a Hifisenses editor. When we are finished reviewing your product, we will return it with shipping cost bear by you.

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