Our Event Report column bring you the latest and popular Audiophile event reports around the region ranging from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and many more. We gave you the glimpse of what are the highlights and feast your mind with galore of pictures! Happy reading 

To the left of the hall, nobody could possibly miss the huge Astell & Kern booth and banners covering the entire left wing of the ballroom. At their booths lay the entire new glittering Full Metal Jacket series of of Astell & Kern / Jerry Harvey joint developed IEMs, follow by the renowned Crystal Cable Next and the astounding looking AK380 Copper. I gave the beautiful Rosie earphone a short audition and it sounded with abundance of musicality, making it easy on the ears and extremely fun in tone.

Sony Hi Res Audio makes a come back with their highly raved HAP Z1ES Music Server and player accompanied with the TA A1ES integrated amplifier. Finally launching in Singapore after a two years debut from overseas. Good thing is that they still deliver astonishingly good sound compared to many other contenders.

Another worthy demonstration is from the Nagra / Verity Audio room by AVP Soundcraft. The Nagra HD Amp and the Classic amplifiers were presented in the show. The new HD Amp finally breaks the barrier from its predecessor and bringing Nagra amplification to another scale. Now one can safely paired their “titanic” speakers to these mono blocks and enjoy the euphony that Nagra preserved in their bloodline.

How can there be an audiophile show without Astell & Kern’s participation? They had appeared in all major shows and graciously taking up big arena to showcase their own and co-branding products. In this TAA show, A&K had brought their new speakers cum player, AK T1 and AK500N Music centre for Home Audio demonstration.

They were Kriz’s favourite in the show and knowing his high standard in visual appeal, am not surprised that the Estelon Extreme won his heart. The speakers were equally astounding in sonic presentation and had attracted many devotees during the show.