Sony TA A1ES is a highly value for money integrated amplifier that I would recommend entry to mid level audiophile to possess. Especially where space is a concern and aesthetic appeal is crucial. Not forgetting its capability to perform both Home and Desktop Audio requirements, consumer can choose to listen their favorites music in different delivery medium.

The Sony HAP Z1ES demonstrated revealing sonic quality through their spectacular engineering. The performance surprised me and proved to me that it still deserves a top place in the current competitive market.

Bass performance is one would expect the 948s to excel at with quadruple 8.25 inch drivers firing directly at you, and to my surprise regardless of the size of my listening space, the bass always managed to remain taut.

The soundstage of the Sutherland Insight was huge at this price point. The clarity and the well-extended highs bring new life to the music I listened on my tube phonostage. The sensation was different, and hard to explain.

On its midrange, this is where it outclasses from the rest. The euphony was exemplary and I switched it between the tube and solid state phonostages, it still endowed the desirable sonic behavior that one would enjoy with the full bodied, warm and creamy texture vocal presentation. In a nutshell, the intensity in the midrange focus that it demonstrated is ethereal.