This is the final episode to the exciting visits that Mr. Lee had brought to us. Great thanks for his kind contribution to share with Hifisenses audiophile community around the world.

I bet Mr. Lee and his fellowship had a good taste of Vivid G1 performance during their visit. From my experiences, it looks better every time I see them in the show.

Aside from the glaring gloss yellow finshes of the Wilson Audio Maxx 3, what catches everyone’s attention is the solidly build remote control from the Dan Agostino Pre Amplifier. The overall setup tipped the scale way beyond the USD$100k range with all established brands in the market.

This is another incredible visit conducted by Mr. Lee, together with his fellow audiophile friends from Malaysia. I pretty much lost counts in the number of Wilson Audio setup he encountered in his journey and they definitely won the hearts of many consumers in my opinion.

In today’s article, Mr. Lee and friends visited an avid audiophile’s home, which comprised of wide collection of the highly acclaimed McIntosh equipment. Very rarely we see McIntosh amplifications being paired with Wilson Audio speakers and I would say Mr. Lee would have gotten a very valuable experience on this setup.