The Westone AM Pro 30 provides me with the pleasure to listen with ease and not worry about the icing sonic traits that many manufacturers are throwing into their earphones. This IEM is natural sounding and definitely deserve an audition, especially for those that had taken too much “MSG” seasoning over current market IEM products.

Despite the clarity and transparency not being to the league of the Focal Spirit Professional, the Focal Spirit Pro had to trade musicality and enjoyment to create a headphone for the studio uses, and for the common man who has no business with music creation, mixing and mastering would fine the MH40 a better option.

Surprisingly, the AKR02 gave me a sense of unbound stage and freshness in the music. They are unsung hero in my honest opinion. Though being pricy, but worth every penny of it.

The sound on ZX100 was incredibly dynamic and balanced in its tonal spectrum. It wasn’t pitchy on its highs, and not recessed in a way that sounded less extended. The midrange was not the popular warmish forward monotonous sound that I detest, but comes with great clarity and not unforgiving in fluidity for vocal performances.

Midramge bears a striking resemblance to the mids of the ER-4S. Intimately forward, airy, and extremely clear. Where the L05QD improves upon the ER-4S is in the imaging of the mids. The ER-4S has a consistently centred midrange which seems very much “in your head” impression. On contrary, the L05QD manages to project vocals in a more three dimentional way, making way for a more expansive and realistic soundstage.