At the final scene, when Batman called for an assembly of super heroes, which pretty much set the tone for building the forthcoming Justice League. We have seen Avengers; probably Justice League will come in handy too.

I do missed the good old characters from the past, and sadly the only selling cast is going away in this episode. I don’t think that Luke will draw much attention for the next episode. The new casts will have to play it harder to keep the old fans onboard.

I wasn’t expecting much from a Part 3 of Ip man but the show has the element of sensuality that Part 2 don’t, it inherits the softer side of Ip man that we missed in the Part 1.

Both may suit the patrons differently and the “Spectre” do have lots of nice expensive vehicles, gadgets, great bodies from both sexes, up class outfits and scenes. Who wouldn’t wanna watch a Lamborghini and Aston Martin toss around like cheap street cars?

As the day get closer to the Halloween day, more information was retrieved and leading to a cult family that was brutally burnt to death hundreds of years ago by the locals. Many innocent lives were mysteriously murdered in freaked occasions as the vengeful spirits coming back to haunt the descendants of the town.