I love the details and resolution that Beyerdynamic T5P Gen 2 delivers. This is one of the best-closed cans I had listened in my life and I seriously think they deserve a good recommendation.

Highs were a surprise, especially having had some experience with the Beyerdynamic DT770, which has fairly aggressive treble. The DT1770’s treble is less aggressive. At the same time, some of the engineering which went into the T1’s higher frequencies probably went into the DT1770 as well, as the treble has an impressive level of detail, coming close to the T1.

Treble is definitely the main draw for the T1 Gen 2. It is extraordinarily articulate, has just as much detail retrieval as the HD800 and yet unlike the HD800, is not fatiguing in the least.

On the soundstage presentation, this is where I find Ultrasone triumphed in this area. It could be due to the S-logic Plus or S-Logic Natural Surround Sound technology that makes the small cans opened up like a wide stage in front of you.

Mids are where the Nighthawk absolutely excels. It is relatively rare for an open back headphone to have mids as intimate and engaging as the Nighthawk’s, which makes this feat all the more impressive. With its slightly closed-in soundstage, vocals as well as woodwind instruments such as the saxophone sound incredibly heartfelt, with just the right amount of sweetness to render them realistic and engaging.