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Sony TA-A1ES Integrated Amplifier Review

Sony TA A1ES is a highly value for money integrated amplifier that I would recommend entry to mid level audiophile to possess. Especially where space is a concern and aesthetic appeal is crucial. Not forgetting its capability to perform both Home and Desktop Audio requirements, consumer can choose to listen their favorites music in different delivery medium.

Sony HAP-Z1ES High Res HDD Player

The Sony HAP Z1ES demonstrated revealing sonic quality through their spectacular engineering. The performance surprised me and proved to me that it still deserves a top place in the current competitive market.

Focal Aria 948 Loudspeaker Review

Bass performance is one would expect the 948s to excel at with quadruple 8.25 inch drivers firing directly at you, and to my surprise regardless of the size of my listening space, the bass always managed to remain taut.

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Westone AM Pro 30 earphone reviews

The Westone AM Pro 30 provides me with the pleasure to listen with ease and not worry about the icing sonic traits that many manufacturers are throwing into their earphones. This IEM is natural sounding and definitely deserve an audition, especially for those that had taken too much “MSG” seasoning over current market IEM products.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones Review

Despite the clarity and transparency not being to the league of the Focal Spirit Professional, the Focal Spirit Pro had to trade musicality and enjoyment to create a headphone for the studio uses, and for the common man who has no business

Astell & Kern AKR02 IEM Review

Surprisingly, the AKR02 gave me a sense of unbound stage and freshness in the music. They are unsung hero in my honest opinion. Though being pricy, but worth every penny of it.

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Beyerdynamic T5P Gen 2 Headphones

I love the details and resolution that Beyerdynamic T5P Gen 2 delivers. This is one of the best-closed cans I had listened in my life and I seriously think they deserve a good recommendation.

Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro Studio Headphone Review

Highs were a surprise, especially having had some experience with the Beyerdynamic DT770, which has fairly aggressive treble. The DT1770’s treble is less aggressive. At the same time, some of the engineering which went into the T1’s higher

Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2 Headphone Review

Treble is definitely the main draw for the T1 Gen 2. It is extraordinarily articulate, has just as much detail retrieval as the HD800 and yet unlike the HD800, is not fatiguing in the least.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 Audition

Model numbered over its 90th anniversary year, the BeoLab 90 is their most expensive speaker ever made. Deep pockets can start giving them a try if you can find a pair with your local distributors.

CanJam Singapore 2016 Interview Part 3 - JH Audio

This is another great interview I had in my line of work and greatly appreciated the kind sharing from Mr. Jerry Harvey. Looking forward to see more exciting products in a very near future!

CanJam Singapore 2016 Interview Part 2 – Crystal Cable

This was one of the most delighted interviews I had in my line of work and greatly appreciated the kind sharing from Mdm Gabi Rijnveld. I wish her well and looking forward to see and hear more from Crystal Cable line of products!

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CanJam Singapore 2016

To the left of the hall, nobody could possibly miss the huge Astell & Kern booth and banners covering the entire left wing of the ballroom. At their booths lay the entire new glittering Full Metal Jacket series of of Astell & Kern / Jerry Harvey joint developed IEMs, follow by the renowned Crystal Cable Next and the astounding looking AK380 Copper. I gave the beautiful Rosie earphone a short audition and it sounded with abundance of musicality, making it easy on

Singapore International Sound & Sight Exhibition Part Two: Portable & Desktop Audio Tour

Sony Hi Res Audio makes a come back with their highly raved HAP Z1ES Music Server and player accompanied with the TA A1ES integrated amplifier. Finally launching in Singapore after a two years debut from overseas. Good thing is that they st

Singapore International Sound & Sight Exhibition Part One: Home Audio Tour

Another worthy demonstration is from the Nagra / Verity Audio room by AVP Soundcraft. The Nagra HD Amp and the Classic amplifiers were presented in the show. The new HD Amp finally breaks the barrier from its predecessor and bringing Nagra

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Journey to Audiophile Haven at Manila, Philippines – Part 13

This is the final episode to the exciting visits that Mr. Lee had brought to us. Great thanks for his kind contribution to share with Hifisenses audiophile community around the world.

Journey to Audiophile Haven at Manila, Philippines – Part 12

I bet Mr. Lee and his fellowship had a good taste of Vivid G1 performance during their visit. From my experiences, it looks better every time I see them in the show.

Journey to Audiophile Haven at Manila, Philippines – Part 11

Aside from the glaring gloss yellow finshes of the Wilson Audio Maxx 3, what catches everyone’s attention is the solidly build remote control from the Dan Agostino Pre Amplifier. The overall setup tipped the scale way beyond the USD$100k ra

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Blackstar – David Bowie (ISO Records, 2016, Vinyl)

Some of the songs in this album are unlike his previous works, however, they are pretty addictive as you listen to it more often. Some of the pieces are surprisingly catchy as in my case I only listened to "Blackstar" for like 2 times and it started to linger in my mind after that. Another incredible work, he deserved our utmost respect over his contribution to our music scene.

Last Night Original Soundtrack (2010, Milan Records, Vinyl)

The OST has the slight resemblance of Vangelis “Voices” album. And different from the “Moon” OST which is more “suspense” and “mystery” filled. This is one of the best albums I ever received in my review.

Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2009, Black Records, Vinyl)

And this OST is another of his best in my opinion. You can grab a nice whiskey and listen the whole of OST in your dimmed audio room to enjoy its soothing rollout of the melancholy pieces.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Warner Bros, 2016)

At the final scene, when Batman called for an assembly of super heroes, which pretty much set the tone for building the forthcoming Justice League. We have seen Avengers; probably Justice League will come in handy too.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens (Lucas Film, 2015)

I do missed the good old characters from the past, and sadly the only selling cast is going away in this episode. I don’t think that Luke will draw much attention for the next episode. The new casts will have to play it harder to keep the o

Ip Man 3 (Pegasus Motion Pictures, 2015)

I wasn’t expecting much from a Part 3 of Ip man but the show has the element of sensuality that Part 2 don’t, it inherits the softer side of Ip man that we missed in the Part 1.