Some of the songs in this album are unlike his previous works, however, they are pretty addictive as you listen to it more often. Some of the pieces are surprisingly catchy as in my case I only listened to "Blackstar" for like 2 times and it started to linger in my mind after that. Another incredible work, he deserved our utmost respect over his contribution to our music scene.

The OST has the slight resemblance of Vangelis “Voices” album. And different from the “Moon” OST which is more “suspense” and “mystery” filled. This is one of the best albums I ever received in my review.

And this OST is another of his best in my opinion. You can grab a nice whiskey and listen the whole of OST in your dimmed audio room to enjoy its soothing rollout of the melancholy pieces.

There are many other wonderful tracks like “Farewell My Lovely”, “The Count of Monte Cristo” and “In a Lonely Place”. This is an incredible vinyl for “Oldboy” fans, grab one if you can find in your nearby store.

The soundtracks blended succulently well as a whole and you will not find sudden interception of mismatch pieces to affect the overall ambient mood. You can listen to this non-stop without needing to skip a certain track at all.